Loving God’s Word

The Bible opens with the word, "God" (Genesis 1:1) and closes with the name, "Jesus Christ." (Revelation 22:21). In between those two verses lies the message of salvation from God that points mankind to eternal life through Jesus Christ. From Paradise given (Genesis 2) to Paradise lost (Genesis 3) to Paradise found (Revelation 21-22), the Bible's focus is clear. The Father wants us to be with Him forever. His Word is our guide to that heavenly home.

How precious is the Book Divine to you? Do you crave its faith-building truth like a newborn baby cries for milk (I Peter 2:2)? Is concentrated study of the Bible a part of your daily schedule (II Timothy 2:15)? Would you say that you are now more or less knowledgeable of the Word of God than you were one year ago (Hebrews 5:11-14)? Are you more or less capable of defending the faith today than you have been in the past (I Peter 3:15)? Are you diligently building up a wall of protection against Satan's attacks through the study of God's Word (Psalm 119:11)? May each of us ask ourselves these questions and provide honest answers in an effort to be stronger in the Lord and more effective in His service. Thanks be unto God for His written Word, the Bible.

Day of the WeekVerses For Daily StudyQuestions For Daily Introspection
Day 1II Timothy 3:14-15What are some of some of the daily distractions that I allow to take me away from studying God's Word?
Day 2II Timothy 3:16-17What is the best way to ensure that I have time for Bible study every day?
Day 3John 17:17How will daily Bible study make me more effective in my service to God?
Day 4Luke 4:4How can I encourage my family to engage in daily Bible study?
Day 5Hebrews 4:12In what ways can I show someone today that the Word of God is alive and working in my life?
Day 6Romans 10:17In what ways can I improve my personal study of the Bible?
Day 7Psalm 119:97What does it mean to meditate upon God's Word?

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