Lift Me Up

Lift up my heart, O Lord, when it’s broken
And I cannot bear the strain alone.
I’m looking to you to mend and heal me.
You’re the greatest physician I’ve ever known.

Lift up my eyes, O Lord, when they’re blinded
And I cannot see past the dark night.
I need you to guide me through the shadows.
You are my only source of light.

Lift up my head, O Lord, when it’s weary
And I cannot keep it from hanging down.
I’m leaning on you as I fight the battle.
You are the one who makes me strong.

Lift up my hands, O Lord, when they’re weakened
And I cannot serve you as I must.
I need your power to rise above, Lord.
In you alone do I put my trust.

Lift up my life, O Lord, bring me closer.
I humble myself before your throne.
I know you’re beside me on this journey.
I know that you will lead me home.

Michael Gifford

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