A Typical Day?

"Morning, Honey, no time to eat.
The clock says eight thirty-one.
I'll spend some time with you tonight."
And with that, the husband was gone.

"Don't hold supper for me tonight, Mom."
"Me neither, Mother dear."
"I have football." "I have the play."
And quickly the kids disappeared.

Come six o'clock, the husband comes
And says, "Good evening, Sweetie."
"No time to talk," replies the wife.
"I forgot I have a meeting."

And now it's twelve o'clock at night
And all are in their beds.
They're each resting up for tomorrow when
They'll go through it all again.

But says the man before he closes
His eyes in peaceful slumber,
"Tomorrow we'll get the family together.
We'll spend time just with each other."

"Morning, Honey, no time to eat."
"Don't hold supper, Mother."
"The PTA meets tonight at seven."
And the new day's just like the other.

Oh, spend your days on earth, dear families
In haste and inattention.
Remember though, that you'll never be close
If you always go in different directions.

Take time to be with your family today.
Don't say like the man in this poem,
"Tomorrow we'll get the family together."
Tomorrow may never come.

Michael Gifford

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