A Parent’s Broken Heart

Tonight a heart is shattered,
A face is wet with tears,
A mind is heavy laden
With worries and with fears.

Tonight a soul is praying
In sad and mournful strains.
Few tragedies on earth
Can bring such depth of pain.

“Dear God, I pray, be patient,
Longsuffering and kind.
He’s turned his heart toward sin.
Please, Lord, give him time.

“Lord, it must be my fault.
I must have erred some way.
If I’d been a better Christian
He would not have gone astray.

“Lord, I feel so helpless.
How can I bring him home?
I just can’t bear the thought
Of losing this precious soul.”

Tonight is like the last one
And all the ones to come
For the parent of a prodigal
‘Til he returns to God.

The doubts and fear and anguish
Keep weighing on the soul.
There is little rest for the parent
Whose child has left the fold.

If only sons and daughters
Who’ve chosen to depart
Could see how their unfaithfulness
Breaks a parent’s heart.

Michael Gifford

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