A Life Well-Lived

When you love, love deeply or don't love at all.
When you risk, risk boldly and don't fear a fall.
Put your heart on the line, even though it may break.
Don't hold back a thing. Give more than you take.

When you sing, sing loudly though you may miss a note.
When you lose, lose proudly though your critics may gloat.
Some will oppose you even though you are right.
Keep walking with God. Don't give up the fight.

When you run, go forward, never looking behind.
When you think, think the best and the best you will find.
The past has helped shape you, for bad or for good.
Now take what you've learned and become all that you should.

When you cry, cry mightily from the depths of your soul.
When you laugh, laugh heartily and let yourself go.
Do not hide your feelings. "To thine own self be true."
Just be who you are 'cause there's no one like you.

When you hear, hear humbly and see what you'll learn.
When you talk, talk wisely, patiently waiting your turn.
You'll get to speak. Your head will not burst.
Most folks listen best when you listen first.

When you "do," do it now, before this day is done.
When you reach, reach out now lest tomorrow ne'er come.
Your life is a vapor, quickly passing away.
The good you would do, you must do it today.

When you age, age gladly and do not complain
When you die, die in Christ and have eternity's gain.
Be able to say, "I've given all I can give."
And the world will remember a life so well-lived.

Michael Gifford

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