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What Others Are Saying About "In the Lap of God"

"This book was written by a member of the church at Cartersville after the death of his wife.  Having heard him teach from the Psalms, I encouraged him to write something dealing with the suffering and difficulties that confront people in this life.  The result was 'In the Lap of God'.  This book can be a tremendous source of encouragement for anyone who must deal with the challenging circumstances of life.  These lessons from the Psalms do not just comfort - they also inspire and assure.  Whether read at one time (which I have done several times) or in small portions (which I have also done many times), the messages of the Psalms are as relevant today as they were when written.  And this author brings to sharp focus our dependence upon our God and our need to find inspiration, faith, and courage 'in the lap of God.'  I personally plan to read 'In the Lap of God' repeatedly.  I also intend to keep extra copies to give to those who I believe need 'comfort from the Psalms.' I encourage you to read and study this text along with your regular reading of the Psalms from God’s Word. You will be blessed."

Jack Burch
church of Christ
Cartersville, GA

"Genesis 3:6 destroyed the perfection and innocence of Eden and opened the door to sin and its destructive consequences. Sin commenced with a single act, grew into a tiny stream and ultimately a raging river that overflowed its banks and covered the earth. From that moment until this present hour, sin, with its innumerable hosts of sorrow-driven attendants, has wielded the scepter over the hearts of the world's masses and bathed the earth in an ocean of tears. Tragically, sorrow and death affllict both the innocent and spiritual remnant. Pain and anguish have ruptured the hearts of the best of God's image and likeness. Every moment of time is punctured with ceaseless cries of grief and agony. Who can measure the loss of a devoted wife and mother? Satan has endeavored to impale Michael Gifford and his children on the cross of despair with such a loss. In the Lap of God, Comfort From the Psalms is proof that his efforts have been in vain. Gifford's fruitful journey through twenty-one selected Psalms opens the door to spiritual, mental, emotional and physical healing that can be experienced by those who open their own hearts to these comforting truths from the heart of God. It is a profound pleasure to recommend this valuable treatise to all who have or will inevitably drink from the afflicting well of human sorrow."

Frank Chesser
Gospel Preacher
Panama St. church of Christ
Montgomery, AL

"In the Lap of God, Comfort From the Psalms is a remarkable book written by Michael Gifford. He has chosen to discuss a number of those great Psalms, and his comments are scriptural, precise, and most enlightening and encouraging. This book is profitable for all who read it. The second part of the book is devoted to individual verses of comfort. The verses cited are great gems of the Bible, and this section of the book would be well worth the price of the book. The third section of the book is entitled, 'Personally Sitting in the Lap of God.' Michael kept a diary, and he chronicles many personal things about Shannon, her disease, and their faith in God, Christ and the church, and their love for each other. Their faith has been outstanding. Shannon faced death with confidence, and great dignity and hope. Reading this book will increase one's faith. I predict it will receive a wide circulation."

Garland Elkins
Dean of Public Relations
Memphis School of Preaching

"If you are ever looking for a book on comfort or a book to recommend to those in need of comfort, remember In the Lap of God. Michael Gifford's book is simple in its approach, yet deeply rooted in the Word.

"This book is not a collection of touching stories but a faith-building book that will stir your soul with God's richest comforts. Born in the midst of his own grief at the untimely passing of his wife (Shannon died in April 2010), Michael has given us the gift of a place to turn in such moments.

"Twenty-one selected Psalms are considered and expounded on in this book. His unencumbered approach to God's truths gives a refreshingly candid look at just the text. These chapters are followed by selected verses from the psalmist focusing on specific life challenges.

"This book also contains a section of 32 extremely moving blog posts written by Michael and Shannon, inviting us into the last two months of Shannon's battle with cancer. This behind-the-scenes look reveals their hearts, tender love for each other, and faith in the Lord.

"The book closes with a look at God's plan of salvation. It is a great book to keep in stock to share with those in times of loss. Michael has given us a good thing."

Dale Jenkins
Gospel Preacher
Spring Hill, TN
(from Gospel Advocate, June 2011)

"In the Lap of God, Comfort From the Psalms was outstanding. It brought tears to my eyes more than once. It was a tremendous source of comfort and encouragement as I read each word during a time I needed it. I thought it was especially helpful and touching that you included excerpts from the blog. I am convinced that this book will be a wonderful blessing to everyone who reads it. Churches should study it in their Bible class program. Preachers who are trying to comfort others should read it thoroughly. I will look forward to reading it again and sharing it with others. You are rendering a great service to the brotherhood with this book. May God continue to bless you in the great work you are doing for Him."

Jeff Jenkins
Gospel Preacher
Lewisville church of Christ
Lewisville, TX

"In In the Lap of God, Comfort From the Psalms, one will find a deeply helpful book based on precious and profitable Psalms, long a favorite Old Testament book for me. I recently finished Mike's book. On the last page of this beautiful book I wrote, 'A good, great and grand book.' With literary skill and great reverence for the Psalms Mike shows how this book helped him and his late, lovely wife, Shannon fight and conquer dreaded and dangerous cancer. His beautiful Shannon departed earthly scenes April 18, 2010. I have known this great and good couple since the 1970's when they were students at Freed-Hardeman University at Henderson, Tennessee. Shannon and my daughter Rebecca were the dearest of friends. Shannon was often a guest in our home. This book can be a real source to others who are fighting this common enemy of cancer. Readers of this book will place a far greater value upon helpful Psalms than before its completed perusal. I commend this book without any reservation."

Robert R. Taylor, Jr.
Gospel Preacher
Ripley, TN

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Dacula, GA 30019

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